Combat of Giants: Dinosaur Strike!

T-rex v Trike... Fight!

[tweetmeme] Just when I’m about to buy my first Wii game in three years (Metroid: Other M, btw), this beauty comes along.

Have you ever looked at a game and thought, well, it looks silly enough to be fun? Well, I have a passion for dinosaurs, and that just about overrides any sense of, well, anything else, when I look at this game. I want it, and I want it to just be gosh darn fun.


LONDON, UK – August 18, 2010 – Today, Ubisoft announced the launch of Combat of Giants Dinosaurs Strike for the WiiTM system from Nintendo. A new installment in the successful Combat of Giants franchise, the game will be available worldwide in November 2010. Designed exclusively for Wii by Ubisoft Quebec, the development studio behind the Nintendo DSTM versions in the franchise, Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs Strike is the new addition to the Combat of Giants franchise, which has already sold more than one million copies worldwide.

The Combat of Giants brand offers young players the thrill of controlling a giant creature and fighting against other creatures for survival. Combat of Giants Dinosaurs Strike will immerse young players in a cataclysmic Jurassic world. Players will be able to choose a dinosaur among 18 different breeds such as T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Velociraptor, Triceratops, Ankylosaurus or Baryonyx and customize their dinosaur with 12 color options and different stripe patterns, or even upgrade horns, bone plates, fins or feathers to create the strongest possible creature. Combat of Giants Dinosaurs Strike also offers the possibility to unlock six other dinosaurs in Domination mode, where the player fights against eight other giant creatures, one by one in a ladder mode, before attacking the boss. The dinosaurs unlocked after each ladder are then available in the multiplayer versus modes.

The core of Combat of Giants Dinosaurs Strike is its fast-paced, three-round combat system, in which the player has to use each dinosaur’s specific abilities and powers. Entirely based on real-time actions, players will need to act and react as quickly as possible, launching super attacks while protecting themselves from the natural casualties of the cataclysmic environment, such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Combat of Giants Dinosaurs Strike takes full advantage of Wii capabilities. The WiiTM Remote and NunchukTM offer immediate and natural controls, while the polished graphics of the three different breathtaking environments (tropical forest, desert and mountain) bring additional immersion to the experience. It also allows fierce multiplayer battles (with up to four players at a time) as well as three different multiplayer modes: Versus, Tournament and Tag Team.

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